How To Growing Hot Chili Peppers from Seed

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How To Growing Hot Chili Peppers from Seed

Place your hot chilli pepper seeds a seed tray that has been filled with dampened soil. Try to use just one hot pepper seed per seedling plug. The hot pepper seeds should be no deeper that one inch and no shallower that 1 millimeter. Maintaining moist soil is crucial during hot pepper seed germination. Seed trays hold in the moisture and watering is usually not needed until after the seed becomes a pepper plant . Once the seeds germinate, you can introduce a light source to them.

Either keep your hot chilli pepper seedlings in a lit window or place under a neon light to encourage quality growth.  Re-pot the plants once they are actively growing.  The size of the pot may vary, but keep in mind that the idea is to allow the roots to grow stress free.

The pepper plants carry both sexes, therefore there are no weeding out the males or females.  Each flowering art of the plant is where the both male and female sex organs are found, causing a self polination that ensures the plant to produce fruit…in this case the world’s hottest chilli pepper!

The natural light cycle will cause theplants to flower automatically…or you can force the  flowering by feeding the hot pepper plant with flowering fertilizer that is high in phosporous and by limiting the daily light cycle to 12 hours.

Grow the world’s hottest peppers today!

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